THE DECOR doldrums hit hard as the weather lollygags toward spring. “We spend so much time in our most lived-in spaces, like the living room, that they begin to feel monotonous after a long winter,” said Malorie Goldberg, an interior designer with Noa Blake Design, a firm in Marlboro, N.J.

Fortunately, rearranging your stuff can significantly shake up a stale space , and all you need is 15 minutes to do it.

“We get used to where things are and overlook potential in objects we already have,” said Leslie Martin, of M+M Interior Design in Kenilworth, Ill. The pro calls this state of inertia “house blind,” and asks rhetorically, “Does the chair you have piled with laundry in your bedroom suddenly take on new life when moved to your living room?”

Here, interior designers share their fast fixes for breathing new energy into your tuckered-out living room decor.

1. Flip your layout from one side of the room to another to “create new traffic patterns and sightlines,” said New York designer Kimberly Bevan. “Don’t forget to rotate your rugs along with the furniture.” Adds Ariel Okin, another New York designer, “Map the arrangement out in blue tape beforehand to make sure you like the look.”

2. Don’t be afraid to pull in pieces from other rooms. “Two dining chairs and a side table can become a game-table vignette,” said Kristine Renee, of Design Alchemy in Sacramento, Calif. Add a side chair or ottoman underneath a console table to get a “new” writing desk.

3. Group flowers , a few coffee table books and a small dish on a big, handsome tray, said Okin, for a “styled moment that feels considered.”

4. Swap lampshades from one room to another, suggests Bevan. “Imagine the difference between a simple linen shade and one that’s patterned ,” she said.

5. For a coffee table refresh , “throw a beautiful tablecloth over it and let the edges drape on the floor,” said Toronto designer Justine Alexandra Dunk. A couple of books or decorative catchall on top will layer in the “super cozy, Old World English feel.”

6. Beware the “dorm-room phenomenon,” said Pittsburgh designer Leanne Ford. “We never stopped thinking we had to push everything against the walls.” Moving your furniture just 6 inches off the wall “will actually make your space feel bigger.”

7. Clean exterior windows , says Jacu Strauss, creative director at hospitality company Lore Group, in London. “You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much extra light the room receives.”

8. Steal a throw blanket from a guest bedroom and swap it for the one currently in your living room, says New York interior designer Emma Beryl. “Artfully drape it, either on the corner of the sofa or over the arm of a chair to make it look purposeful.”

9. Use your printer to reproduce a few favorite photos in black and white, and swap them for what’s currently in your frames, says Okin. “Black and white brings an instantly classic, clean and edited look to the room.”

10. Shuffle your art. “This will breathe new life into the space,” said Boston designer Honey Collins.

11. “Deflect attention from the TV by repositioning artwork and light fixtures to create new spots that draw the eye,” said Lindye Galloway, a designer in Newport Beach, Calif. Lean a bold art print against the wall on the credenza or move a mirror so it doesn’t reflect the television, says Goldberg. “Then the TV just exists in the room instead of owning it.”