Fifty-five separate wildfires broke out in Greece over the past 24 hours, resulting in two arrests and fines for five persons and one company.

According to authorities, the fires were reported between June 24 at 18:00 and until June 15 at 18:00, and 46 of the fires were quickly contained. Unfortunately, authorities are still battling 9 of the blazes.

In detail, a local was arrested on the island of Naxos on June 23 and fined €3,459 for causing a fire, while another was arrested in the central Greece area of Fokida on June 24 for starting a brush fire.

Meanwhile, fines for starting fires or risking starting fires were issued in Giannitsa (€750), Corfu (€1,125) Makrakomi (€937.50), Sofades (€1,546.88) and Athens (two fines of €2,625).

The news is indicative of the Greek state fulfilling on its promise to swiftly punish those starting fires or increasing the risk of fires.