The much-anticipated second season of “Maestro in Blue”, a Mega Channel production, debuted this month, taking first place in the “Top 10 TV shows” category among Netflix users in Greece.
In fact, it edged out “Bridgerton”, a bona fide global hit, in the preferences of Greek Netflix audiences.

The mini-series has enjoyed the same popularity with the streaming service’s users on the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. “Maestro in Blue” focuses on a troubled musician, Orestes (played by Christoforos Papakaliatis, the series’ creator), who is hired to organize a music festival on a picturesque island. Once there, he finds himself drawn into an unexpected romance and embroiled in the problems and daily lives of other island residents.

Most of the scenes were filmed on picturesque Paxos in the Ionian Sea. While the island was already well known for its lush nature and pristine beaches, the international exposure it has received through Netflix has really put Paxos to the map.