Athens’ cinema aficionados will want to keep afternoons free early next month in order to attend the KINO ATHENS International Independent Film Festival, which returns for a second straight year between March 1-10.  In a celebration of independent filmmaking, the festival presents a diverse lineup of 80 independent films from around the world, complemented by an array of sideline activities supported by the European Parliament.

“Peter Pan”, France

All of the films will be screened with English and Greek subtitles. Free admission applies for all three venues: the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Serafio City of Athens and Technopolis City of Athens (Gazi).

“Little Things that went wrong”, National Competition

The Festival

This year marks the second edition of the KINO Athens International Independent Film Festival, which features a bold selection of unconventional productions designed to challenge and inspire viewers, according to the organizers. Placing independent filmmaking at its core, the festival remains committed to a belief that cinema can inspire social change. To this end, the festival’s Film Selection Program includes ground-breaking and artistic crossover works, categorized into of four primary competing sections: International Competition Features (nine entries), International Competition Shorts (17 entries), National Competition Features (four), and National Competition Shorts (13 entries).

“Patagonia” still frame, International Competition Feature

Additionally, cinema-goers can attend special screenings, workshops, masterclasses and DJ sets, all detailed in the festival’s comprehensive program.

“The Invention of The Other”, Brazil

“In these complex times, the importance of storytelling becomes even more crucial, and the festival continues to uphold its founding mission of creating a space for artists and creators to present their work openly. A space of freedom where censorship does not exist. A space of freedom through art that is borderless, neutral, and diverse,” stressed Nina Veligradi, the festival’s artistic director.

“Patagonia” Italy

Opening and Closing Films

The festival will commence with a remote welcome by Roberta Metsola, the president of the European Parliament, followed by the national premiere of “Europa” at Technopolis City of Athens. The film’s director, Subadeh Mortezai, who will also be present.

Europa tells the story of Beate, an ambitious executive working at Europa, a mysterious corporation looking to expand into the Balkans. Seemingly promoting philanthropy, Europa actually intends to purchase land from the locals in a remote Albanian valley. However, things don’t go as planned when Beate is challenged by Jetnor, a stubborn and spiritual local farmer who refuses to leave the land of his ancestors.​

Brazilian Marcelo Gomes’ “Portrait of a Certain Orient” will mark the closing ceremony, with a story set in the late 1940s, when Lebanon is sliding towards a devastating conflict. Catholic siblings Emilie and Emir decide to leave for Brazil. Aboard the ship headed to their new home, Emilie falls in love with Omar, a Muslim merchant. For an enraged and jealous Emir, such a relationship is intolerable. As the story unfolds against the backdrop of the majestic rainforest, Emir’s actions and the choice that Emilie subsequently makes lead to disastrous consequences.

Lux Audience Award 2024

Demonstrating its commitment to culture and European cinema, the European Parliament organizes the annual “European Audience Film Award,” inviting audiences to pick their favorite film through its official page. The International Independent Film Festival of Athens, in partnership with the European Parliament Liaison Office in the Greek capital, showcases four of the candidate films: (“On the Adamant,” “Smoke Sauna Sisterhood,” “Fallen Leaves,” and “The Teachers’ Lounge”), all at the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation.

Special Screenings

Technopolis City of Athens will host this year’s special screenings consisting of five feature films coming from five countries.

Saturday, March 2

Critical Zone, Ali Ahmadzadeh (Iran, Germany)

Mars Express, Jérémie Périn (France)

“Critical Zone” still frame

Sunday, March 3

Museum Hours, Jem Cohen (USA)

Grey Bees, Dmytro Moiseiev (Ukraine)

Saturday, March 9

Trip, Lilly Creightmore (USA)

“Trip” still frame, Special Screenings

‘Our Body’ film Projection at Athens French Institute

The French Institute of Athens takes part in this year’s festival receiving at its premises both the director, Claire Simon, and her documentary “Our Body” on March 9 at 7 p.m. at the institute. The documentary, competing in the International features section is set in a Paris public hospital.

Claire Simon questions what it means to live in women’s bodies, filming their diversity, singularity and their beauty in all stages throughout life. Unique stories of desires, fears and struggles unfold, including the one of the filmmaker herself.

For this screening, a first come, first served priority will be followed.


KINO Junior is the new section joining this year’s edition, catering to teenagers and children over three years old. In collaboration with the Athens Film Office and with the support of the City of Athens and the Greek Film Centre, the Serafio venue will host colorful screenings of fiction, animation and documentary films depicting the problems and aspirations of each age group. A group of youths aged between seven and 13 will comprise the judges’ panel, which will also select the winner and recipient of the Golden Deer City of Athens Award. The KINO Junior screenings are available only with Greek subtitles.


All movies offer free admission. A free online ticket reservation is required.

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