The Greek contestant is set to take the stage tonight, Thursday, at the Eurovision 2024 arena in Malmö, Sweden, with Marina Satti’s ‘Zari’, aiming to secure a spot in the grand final on Saturday. However, just hours before the semi-final, a setback emerged, as Satti reportedly fell ill.

Satti took to Instagram to disclose her illness a day earlier, saying she is suffering from a high fever and a sore throat for the past 24 hours, prompting her to undergo treatment in a bid to be in top form for tonight’s performance.

Moreover, Satti was compelled to cancel her scheduled interviews due to her condition, with her ailing health evident during a rehearsal on Wednesday, it the session’s video leaded and widely circulated on social media.

Nevertheless, despite the setback, the singer has been diligently rehearsing in order to make the best possible performance at the popular European song contest.

Taking center stage, Satti will be accompanied by four dancers as she delivers ‘Zari’, which means “die”, is the singular form of dice, described as a fusion of contemporary, traditional and ethnic musical elements.

Steering the artistic direction of Marina Satti’s performance is Fokas Evangelinos, while Mecnun Giasar (Majnoon) overseeing choreography and movement direction.