Staying true to its annual spring tradition, the French Language Film Festival of Greece (FFF24) returns tomorrow for its 24th edition in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Larissa, Chania, Kavala, and Kastoria, running until April 10.

With a carefully curated selection of forty-six feature films and 11 short films, the festival invites audiences to immerse themselves in a cinematic journey featuring French-language productions from Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Switzerland, and even Greece, alongside France.

Paris Sans Clichés: A Tribute to Paris

In anticipation of the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris this summer, commemorating 100 years since the city hosted its first Olympic Games in 1924, FFF24 shines a spotlight on the French capital with the tribute “Paris Sans Clichés” (Paris without Clichés), offering a multifaceted view of the city.


Paris Sans Clichés invites us to rediscover the ever-evolving reality of Paris, a city intricately intertwined with the “seventh art.” Serving as the backdrop for countless French and foreign films, this tribute showcases six carefully selected classic and contemporary films, each offering a unique perspective on Paris’ journey and evolution over the past century.

LA FILLE DE SON PERE/ Competition Section

FFF24 Sections

This year’s festival presents a variety of film genres varying from comedy to drama, social, political and historical movies categorized in the following sections: Competition section, Special Projections and Events, Carte Blanche, Panorama of French-Speaking Cinema, Jeune Public (Youth Projections).

LA GUERRE DES LULUS ©Thibault Grabherr/ Jeune Public

Special recognition is being accorded to the “ENS Louis-Lumière” school for its significant contribution to the training of sound and image technicians since 1926. As recipients of the Carte Blanche, the festival highlights films in which graduates of the school have actively participated, alongside a series of meetings, screenings, photo exhibitions, and roundtable discussions, all of which reflect the school’s expertise and educational impact.

CHASSE GARDEE_©Julien Panié/ Competition Section

The FFF24 in Athens

The Greek Film Archive, Astor cinema, Danaos cinema, and the French Institute of Athens serve as the primary venues for the 24th edition of the French Film Festival, with the opening ceremony to be held at “Megaron” (Athens Concert Hall). While most films will be accompanied by Greek subtitles, many will also offer English subtitles.

For the detailed festival schedule and features, please visit:

Tickets are available for purchase online or at the venue.

Films with English subtitles

Wednesday April 3

Borgo| Stéphane Demoustier |2023|117’| Danaos

Acide| Just Philippot |2023″ 100’| Danaos


Yannick| Quentin Dupieux| 2023| 66’| Danaos

L’Air de la mer rend libre |Nadir Moknèche|2023| 90’| French Institute of Athens

Thursday April 4

Sages-femmes| Léa Fehner |2023| 98’|Danaos

Le dernier des Juifs |Noé Debré|2023| 89’| Astor

Le Gang des bois du temple| Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche| 2023| 114’|French Institute of Athens

Friday April 5

Le dernier des Juifs |Noé Debré|2023| 89’|Danaos

Une affaire d’honneur| Vincent Perez| 2023|100’| Danaos

Le Théorème de Marguerite| Anna Novion| 2023, 112’|Danaos


La bête dans la jungle| Patric Chiha|2023|103’| Astor

Acide| Just Philippot |2023″ 100’| French Institute of Athens

Saturday April 6

La bête dans la jungle| Patric Chiha|2023|103’| Danaos


Omar la fraise| Elias Belkeddar|2023| 92| Danaos

Une affaire d’honneur| Vincent Perez| 2023|100’| Astor

Sunday April 7

Toni en famille| Nathan Ambrosioni| 2024|96’| Danaos

Yannick|Quentin Dupieux|2023| 66’| Danaos


Les nuits de la pleine lune| Eric Rohmer|1984|102’| Astor

Le Théorème de Marguerite| Anna Novion| 2023, 112’| French Institute of Athens

Monday April 8

Nous| Alice Diop|2020|115’ |Astor

Borgo| Stéphane Demoustier |2023|117’| Astor

Tuesday April 9

Little Duke| Andy Bausch|2023| 100’| Astor


Omar la fraise| Elias Belkeddar|2023| 92’| French Institute of Athens

Sages-femmes| Léa Fehner |2023| 98’|French Institute of Athens

Wednesday April 10

Toni en famille| Nathan Ambrosioni| 2024|96’| French Institute of Athens


Le Gang des bois du temple| Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche| 2023| 114’| Astor