Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia

Following closely in the tracks of Michael Mann’s “Ferrari,” Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia speeds onto the screen as another riveting racing drama inspired by real events. Set against the backdrop of Italy during the 1983 Rally World Championship, the film unfolds a David vs. Goliath narrative, as Lancia’s team, piloting the Lancia Rally 037 car, battles against the odds to reclaim its former glory from Audi and the Audi Quattro. With adrenaline-pumping action and heart-stopping driving sequences, the movie stars Daniel Brühl as Roland Gumpert and Riccardo Scamarcio as Lancia’s team manager, Cesare Fiorio.

Director: Stefano Mordini
Cast:Daniel Brühl, Riccardo Scamarcio, Volker Bruch
English, German, Italian (the film is screened with Greek subs)
IMDB rating: 5.8/10
Production countries: Italy, United Kingdom
Where to watch: Village cinemas (The Mall, Pangrati, Rentis), Cinemax (Aello, Nana), Elize cinema, Foivos digital cinema, Options cinemas (Ilion, Glyfada), Varkiza Cinema

Kidnapped (Rapito)

Drawing loose inspiration from Daniele Scalise’s book, “Il caso Mortara,” Kidnapped delves into the gripping tale of Edgardo Mortara, a young Jewish boy forcibly taken from his family by the Papal States and raised as a Catholic in Rome after being secretly baptized by a Christian maid. Marco Bellocchio’s historical drama focuses on the infamous “Mortara case,” which captured widespread attention across Europe and North America during the 1850s and 1860s.

Director: Marco Bellocchio
Cast: Leonardo Maltese, Paolo Pierobon, Fausto Russo Alesi, Enea Sala, Barbara Ronchi, Filippo Timi
Italian (the film is screened with Greek subs)
IMDB rating: 7/10
Production countries: Italy, France, Germany
Where to watch: Elli cinema, the Greek Film Archive, Cinemax (Nirvana, Kifissia), Aigli digital Cinema, Tria Asteria digital cinema, Trianon cinema, Atlantis classic cinemas, Cinerama digital cinema, Sporting digital cinema, Anoixi Art cinema, Lampros Konstantaras Movie Theatre, WestCity cinemas, Maria Elena Onar digital cinema, Varkiza Cinema, Cineac Municipal cinema, Cinema Aliki

La Chimera

Upon his release from prison, Arthur, a crumpled British archaeologist, reunites with his band of tomb raiders who survive by plundering Etruscan tombs and selling the unearthed antiquities. Yet, Arthur, who is still searching for his departed love, is not interested in the artifacts but for a passage to the underworld and Beniamina.

Director: Alice Rohrwacher
Cast: Josh O’Connor, Carol Duarte, Vincenzo Nemolato, Alba Rohrwacher, Isabella Rossellini
Italian, English (the film is screened with Greek subs)
IMDB rating: 7.4/10
Production countries: Italy, France, Switzerland
Where to watch: Cinobo Opera, Galaxias cinema, Avana cinema, Diana cinema, Atlantis classic Cinemas, Alexandra Patission cinema, Lampros Konstantaras Movie Theatre, WestCity cinemas, Varkiza Cinema, Cineac Municipal cinema

Stray Bodies

Robin faces an unwanted pregnancy, while Katerina longs for a child but is not able to have one. Kiki’s only wish is to end her life with dignity. Unfortunately, abortion, in vitro fertilization and euthanasia are not legal in their countries. Elina Psykou’s documentary debut, honored with the Amnesty International Award, delves into the concept of bodily autonomy within Europe, where freedom to travel, work, and consume exists, but the ability to live or die according to one’s wishes remains elusive.

Director: Elina Psykou
Greek, English, Swiss German, Maltese, Italian, French (the film is screened with Greek subs)
IMDB rating: 7/10
Production countries: Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria
Where to watch: Danaos cinema

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Continuing the epic saga initiated by Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire thrusts the formidable Kong and the fearsome Godzilla into a battle against a colossal, hidden threat lurking within our world, endangering not only their species but also humanity itself. As the film explores the mysteries of Skull Island and delves into the origins of Hollow Earth, it unveils the ancient Titan conflict and the intertwined destinies of mankind and monsters.

Director: Adam Wingard
Cast: Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Dan Stevens, Kaylee Hottle, Alex Ferns
Language: English
IMDB rating: 6.7/10
Production country: United States
Where to watch: Aigli digital Cinema, Athinaion cinema, Village Cinemas (The Mall, Pangrati, Athens Metro Mall, Rentis), Tria Asteria digital cinema, Cinemax (Aello, Nana), Sporting digital cinema, Foivos digital cinema, Lampros Konstantaras Movie Theatre, WestCity cinemas, Options Cinemas (Ilion, Glyfada), Zea Cinema, Artemis Municipal cinema


Iris, a young woman inheriting a rundown pub from her late father, stumbles upon a dark secret concealed in its basement – Baghead, a shape-shifting entity granting the ability to communicate with lost loved ones, albeit at a cost.

Director: Alberto Corredor
Cast: Freya Allan, Jeremy Irvine, Ruby Barker
IMDB rating: 5.5/10
Production countries: United Kingdom, Germany
Where to watch: Village cinemas (The Mall, Pangrati, Athens Metro Mall, Rentis), Cinemax (Aello, Nana), Lampros Konstantaras Movie Theatre, Options cinemas, WestCity cinemas