In a ceremony at the Michael Carlos Museum of Emory University in Atlanta, USA, taking place on Tuesday, the Minister of Culture officially received three Greek antiquities set for repatriation.

According to an announcement from the ministry, these artifacts originate from three different geographic regions of Greece – Crete, Epirus and the broader region of Athens. All three share a common element, they are products of illegal excavations trafficked by antiquities smugglers before ending up in the Carlos Museum.

Specifically, these items include a clay Minoan larnax of the bathtub-shaped type, adorned with fish motifs on the interior and stylized octopus on the exterior, dating back to the 14th century BCE.
The second item is a marble statue of a young female figure, leaning on a high tree trunk with her left elbow, dating to the 2nd century BCE.

Finally, the third is a marble male figure seated on a throne, originating from the relief decoration of an Attic tomb temple from the third quarter of the 4th century BCE.

The ancient artifacts which are returning to Greece soon will be presented to the public before finding a place in regional museums.