For fifteen consecutive days Netflix’s new series “One Day” based on David Nicholls’ best seller novel has remained firmly planted at the top spot of the streamer’s viewership worldwide including Greece, with no production yet on the horizon capable of dethroning it.

The series that has taken viewers by storm around the world tells the story of a seemingly impossible love affair between Emma and Dexter, beginning with the euphoric evening of their college graduation. The duo moves in and out of each other’s lives, forming a bond that transforms over time with a strongly underlying attraction between them.

The narrative unfolds through a series of snapshots, revisiting the duo on the same date, July 15th, spanning across the decades. Dexter, buoyed by his privileged upbringing, exudes confidence but lacks direction, often exploiting those closest to him. Conversely, Emma adheres to a structured life plan, yet struggles to maintain her mental well-being when her aspirations falter.

The series embodies the essence of a classic tragic romance, but it goes beyond mere love story tropes, subtly shedding light on profound societal issues. The social and economic background impacts the couple’s choices and the compromises they are compelled to make in order to survive. There are many scenes where class and being born into a more privileged world define Dexter’s behavior, while Emma struggles to escape her disadvantaged origins.

It is worth noting that amongst the locations featured in the series there is a particular one of Greek interest as during the fourth episode filming took place on the island of Paros, in the Aegean, at picturesque Santa Maria beach and other locations.