Under Turkish military control, it was left to the corrosive force of time. It was shut off from the rest of the world, remaining so to this day. Three women share their personal stories, connecting memories from the occupied Famagusta with present-day Cyprus.

The depressing images of thugs in hoods with clubs, the layabouts passing themselves off as a poor man’s “student movement”, the mindless sound-bites regurgitated ad nauseam for the cameras by various “militant squatters” all bear witness to a mess that can only reflect badly on the country.

He emphasized that Turkey’s initial reluctance was merely a strategic game, and despite the conditions set, the Biden administration had always intended to sell F-16s to Turkey. However, Mr. Barkey pointed out that Turkey’s decision to link its approval of Sweden’s NATO accession to the F-16 deal was unnecessary and backfired. Erdogan’s delaying tactics cost Turkey prestige as well as upsetting both European and U.S. lawmakers.

In the majority of cases, foreign investors buy property in Greece not only to obtain the Golden Visa but also because it is profitable, often leasing it for short periods. From Greece’s perspective, the increase in the monetary limit for obtaining the Golden Visa aims to restrict purchases to areas where property prices have skyrocketed due to the high-value transactions made by foreigners.

The picturesque Milos, the artistic Hydra, and the gastronomic Sifnos are at the top of the list. They are followed by Santorini a preferred wedding destination, Syros with its rich culture, authentic Folegandros, Crete for true adventures, Corfu with its lush landscapes, Naxos for its distinctive gastronomy and sandy beaches, Kefalonia for family vacations, Andros for hikers and exotic beaches, Serifos for nature lovers, and Mykonos for its incredible nightlife.