After Miyazaki’s latest film premiere “The Boy and the Heron”, Athenian cinephiles are invited to enjoy more Japan-made cinema during the “Festival of Japanese Cinema” commencing this Thursday, February 15 and running until Sunday, February 18, at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Co-organized by the Japan Foundation and Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, the festival is part of the honorary events of “2024 Greece-Japan Year of Culture and Tourism.”

Specifically, the festival will showcase four films, produced between 2018 and 2019, created by distinct Japanese filmmakers belonging to the era of Japanese contemporary cinema. All four movies will be projected with English and Greek subtitles.

Tickets for each projection will have a cost of 3 euros and can be purchased on this page.

The festival’s schedule

Thursday February 15

19:30 They Say Nothing Stays the Same (by Jo Odagiri | 2019| 137 min)

Friday February 16

19:00 Another World (by Junji Sakamoto | 2019 | 120 min)

21:30 And Your Bird Can Sing (by Sho Μiyake | 2018 | 106 min)

Saturday February 17

19:00 They Say Nothing Stays the Same (by Joe ODAGIRI | 2019 | 137min)

21:30 Sea of Revival (by Kazuya Shiraishi | 2019 | 124 min)

Sunday February 18

19:00 And Your Bird Can Sing (by Sho Miyake | 2018 | 106 min)

21:30 Another World (by Junji Sakamoto | 2019 | 120 min)

Featured Films

They Say Nothing Stays the Same | Aru sendo no hanashi, 2019

The life of an old ferryman whose job will soon be obsolete takes a turn when he unexpectedly meets a girl.

Another World | Hansekai, 2019

Hiroshi Takamura has a wife, Hatsuno, and a son Akira. One day, Hiroshi’s old friend, Eisuke Okiyama, comes back to his hometown. After Hiroshi learns about Eisuke’s past, he decides to take his job and family more seriously.

And Your Bird Can Sing | Kimi no tori wa utaeru, 2018

A love triangle that captures all the magic and melancholy of a summer, concentrating on the fleeting moments and encounters experienced by its three protagonists.

Sea of Revival | Nagi machi, 2019

A man (Shingo Katori) works at a printing plant, but he gets fired from his job. The man, his female partner and her daughter move to her hometown. They enjoy peaceful days, but small problems occur which leads to an irrevocable situation.

(Source: IMDB)