Sianti Gallery proudly presents Stelios Gavalas’ solo sculpture exhibition titled “Equal Line” which will remain open to public until June 1, offering free admission.

Equal Line offers a charming approach to sculpture works that evoke spatial experiences while combining characteristics and qualities of architectural creation. Gavalas’ featured artworks recreate, define as “landmarks” or even delimit the space, always highlighting the place in which they are created.

Yiannis Kolokotronis, professor of Western Art and curator of the exhibition, writes about the works in this apparent chaos: “… Gavalas’ new project is a combined effort to weave a web of experiences that transcend the boundaries of time and technology and take the viewer on a journey of auditory sensation, memory and emotion that connects people. Five polished ship funnels lose their functional status and become conduits for a symphony of sounds. Equipped with built- in speakers inside their cylindrical bodies (similarly to Gavalas’ artworks at Alimos’ Marina), strings and musical keys on the outside, they echo the sounds of the sea and the wind, amplifying the acoustic experience of the space, transforming their realistic context and altering the memory to be replaced by modern acoustic aesthetics.”

“Equal Line” exhibition by Stelios Gavalas, Sianti Gallery

“Equal Line” exhibition by Stelios Gavalas, Sianti Gallery

Kolokotronis adds,”…each of Gavalas’ works is a powerful antidote to contemporary visual mnemonic poetry. The sea, as a central point of reference, becomes something more than a simple natural entity: it becomes a repository of shared experiences, feelings and reflections about the beauty and fragility of our natural world. And this is a political and social statement about the human journey through the lens of hope and optimism for a better world.”

Inaugurated on May 9, the exhibition is open to public on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 10am-8pm, Wednesday from 10am until 4pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.