‘Urbanography’ , National Gallery

A city’s significance extends well beyond its physical infrastructure. It encompasses the people, the everyday experiences, serving as a meeting place, an embrace, and a refuge. Yet, it also represents the harsh realities of alienation, rejection, mass culture and possibly marginalization. The National Gallery’s Urbanography  exhibition presents 202 artworks, including paintings, sculptures, prints, installations, photographs, and film footage, with the aim of exploring urbanization, reconstruction, migration, and societal shifts occurring in the major cities of post-war Greece from the 1950s to the 1970s. Through various artistic narratives, 79 artists portray the evolution of the urban landscape. The exhibition will run until May 12, and is open to the public from Wednesday- Monday, between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Courtesy of National Gallery, photographs : Stavros Psiroukis

Courtesy: National Gallery, Photographs: Stavros Psiroukis

Giorgos Paralis (Polygyros Halkidiki 1908-Thessaloniki 1975) “The sink of Varvara” 1971-1975, Oil on canvas

Second Black & White Athens Photography Festival

In partnership with the Municipality of Athens, the Blank Wall Gallery presents the 2nd Black & White Athens Photography Festival, held at the Serafio City of Athens venue, and kicking off this Saturday, Feb. 24, at 6 p.m. Featuring the works of 432 photographers from 71 countries, photography enthusiasts can immerse themselves in this celebration dedicated to black and white photography. The festival continues on Sunday from noon to 10 pm and again on Monday, from noon to 7 p.m. Admission is free, and Sunday visitors can also attend parallel events coinciding with the exhibition.

Photograph by : TodorTilev-Bulgaria-Love

Photo by: J.P.-Spicer-Escalante-Argentina-Pater-et-Filia-Documentary

Stand-Up Comedy at the Athens English Comedy Club

Prepare for an evening of comedy as new faces, talents and personal stories take the spotlight at this Sunday’s English stand-up comedy show at the Eliart theater at 9 p.m. The Athens English Comedy Club presents a diverse lineup of comedians hailing from India, Greece, Ethiopia and Canada. Expect the unexpected as each performer brings their unique style to the stage. Tickets can be booked on this page.

Credits: Oumer Teyeb

MC: Dimitris Dimopoulos

Headliner: Mike Sheer

Featuring: Oumer Teyeb, Anu Vaidyanathan, Athina Kefalopoulos, Panagiotis Iliopoulos, and Tim Lucier

‘Gadjo Dilo’ Concert, Gagarin

Experience a fusion of gypsy jazz tradition with the vibrant colors of Greek music at the ‘Gadjo Dilo’ concert, often referred to as “Manouche De Grec.” If you’re curious about this unique musical marriage loved by many, book your ticket for this Saturday, February 24th. Gazarte’s doors open at 9pm, and the concert begins at 10pm. Gadjo Dilo draws inspiration from the legendary gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and features Sotiris Pomonis and Kostas Mitropoulos on guitars, Sergios Chrysovitsanos on violin, Iliana Tsapatsari on vocals, and Giorgos Roulos on double bass.