The Greek Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) launched a digital platform to encourage citizens to report fraud.

Via their mobile phones and the “Appodixi” application, the new tool introduced by AADE, citizens will be rewarded up to 3,000 euros for reporting any cases of tax evasion that come to their attention.

The application is available on Google Play and Apple Store, with over 200,000 citizens having downloaded the app and more than 140,000 complaints been placed. However, monetary rewards are only given to those who make a complaint eponymously.

If, following a complaint against an entity through the “QR code appodixi” scanning application of AADE concerning retail sales data, a tax audit is carried out, and a fine is imposed for violation or falsification or interference in the operation of the tax records, the complainant receives a financial reward following a decision by the Governor of the AADE.

The financial reward shall amount to ten times the transaction value of the issued retail item for which the complaint was made – including the applicable Value Added Tax – and in no case shall it be less than 100 euros or more than 3,000 euros.

If the complaint concerns several tax items issued by the same entity, the financial penalty shall be calculated on the tax item issued with the highest value. This reward isn’t taxable and won’t offset any debts or affect social benefits.

Similar financial incentives for reporting tax evasion exist in the UK and the US. The latest app version recognizes upgraded documents, including issuance dates and times.