The cost of infant formula in Greece continues to soar with consumers paying anywhere from 32% to a whopping 213% more than compared to European Union counterparts for the same product.

The assessment is part of JP Morgan’s analysis released today regarding potential rating changes in 2024 across the Eurozone, with the leading banking institution giving the upcoming upgrade of the Greek economy a prominent position.

Speaking on SKAI TV, Dimosthenis Sarrigiannis remarked, “During the Christmas period, we were seeing around 5,800 daily cases of the coronavirus. Presently, we have hit the peak, with an anticipated surge to about 8,800 cases.”

Employed individuals totaled 4,161,930, reflecting an increase of 12,025 workers compared to November 2022 (0.3%) and a decrease of 87,722 individuals compared to October 2023 (2.1%).