Greece labor ministry has received a staggering 379,165 requests for the outsourcing of foreign workers over the recent period, with a significant chunk—more than 246,00 — being from the primary sector. After careful consideration, the ministry approved the entry of 200,425 foreign guest workers.

The workers will mainly come from nations like the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and Egypt, with which Greece maintains bilateral agreements.

However, employers across other sectors are also grappling with a pressing challenge: the scarcity of suitable personnel. A whopping 65% of the requests, particularly from the primary sector, highlight the severity of this issue. The demand for labor is notably high, with 168,000 vacancies predominantly geared towards seasonal work, such as strawberry picking, while an additional 70,000 positions are in need of permanent staff in the same sector.

Yet, the shortage extends beyond agriculture, with tourism and hospitality sectors facing a collective shortage of 80,000 positions, and construction companies desperately needing 12,000 skilled laborers. Even in the industrial realm, where precision is paramount, there’s a shortfall of 18,000 workers, as per employers’ appeals.

This predicament indicates a critical need for effective solutions to bridge the gap between job seekers and businesses in Greece’s labor market.