Owners and operators of properties in Greece exploited via short-term accommodations platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com, VBRO and others, will be given a deadline of Feb. 28, 2024 to revise or declare revenue figures on a specific online tax bureau registry, or otherwise face hefty fines and a possibly a higher tax bracket.

The specific sub-sector of Greece’s tourism industry was calculated as exceeding 700 million euros in 2023, up 30% compared to the previous year. That figure may, however, be much higher, given estimates that undeclared income from such properties is very high.

Greece’s tax bureau (AADE) has promised to employ detailed data supplied by the platforms themselves, cross-checking programs and AI-assisted software to detect undeclared income and properties.

Owners and operators of such properties are first called on to check last year’s return and confirm its veracity, including the particulars of properties advertised for accommodation.