In its special edition ahead of the upcoming European elections in June, the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) urges for a shift in the direction of the European Union and its framework by 2030. SEV presents proposals and priorities from the Greek business community, focusing on five crucial pillars requiring immediate attention.

SEV highlights that the EU’s growth potential faces internal hurdles alongside external challenges like geopolitics. These include bureaucratic inefficiencies, excessive economic regulations, fragmented industrial policies, waning innovation in high-tech sectors, a scarcity of skilled labor, and flaws in the single market.

Addressing these promptly is crucial to prevent a widening economic gap. For example, while the EU’s purchasing power exceeded the US by 5.8% in 2008, by 2022, it lagged behind by 4.7%.

Amidst significant geopolitical pressures, SEV stresses the pivotal role of fortifying five key pillars of the European project.

This includes streamlining the Single Market of the EU, ensuring infrastructure connectivity, and fostering balanced regional development without burdensome regulations.

A radical simplification of regulations is advocated to create a more business-friendly environment, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs.)

SEV also advocates for revitalizing industrial sectors to enhance resilience, spur job creation, foster innovation, and facilitate global trade.

Additionally, empowering the workforce with contemporary skills and adaptable work environments is crucial for navigating evolving job landscapes.

Finally, accelerating the shift towards sustainable entrepreneurship is highlighted as vital for securing a prosperous legacy for future generations.