The new myAADEapp application is now available for download, bringing tax services to your mobile device, with over 1,000 users having already installed the application on their mobile devices since last Wednesday when it became available on the App Store.

Access to the application is done using Taxis codes, which are then stored, and subsequently, user verification is done either through Face ID or fingerprint, without the need for the user to enter their codes on Taxisnet each time they log in.

The new application contains the following features in its initial phase:

1. Payment of debts via IRIS or card.

2. Requests and appointments made by taxpayers.

3. Messages and notifications. Users will receive notifications, including reminders for installment payments or tax arrangements, directly on their mobile phones via the application, typically two to three days before the payment deadline.

4. Contact details, IBAN. Through the application, citizens will be able to register or change their IBAN.

5. MyWallet Features such as tax updates, registry information, and vehicle circulation fees will be available.

Additionally, the application functions as a tax agenda, providing updates on tax obligations, while also allowing users to download and store useful documents.

Furthermore, the application stores the card numbers selected by the taxpayer for payment, except for the three-digit security code. These numbers are stored in a system developed by DIAS – Interbank Systems, ensuring the same security level as Greek bank applications.