Greece finds itself in the top ten countries deeply ‘in love’ with coffee, holding the 9th position, and ahead of nations like Brazil and Italy.

For Greeks, coffee is a daily delight, with statistics from Pricefox revealing an average consumption of 3 kilograms per capita annually.

Luxembourg leads the chart, with Luxembourgers consuming nearly 10 kilograms of coffee per year. Following closely are the Finns, at 6.6 kilograms, while Sweden secures the third position with 4.8 kilograms of coffee. Norway and Denmark subsequently consume 3.9 and 3.7 kilograms of coffee respectively.

Greeks enter the top tier, whereas Italy, renowned for its sophisticated coffee culture, stands at the 21st position, averaging just 2.5 kilograms per capita. Brazil, despite being the leading global coffee producer, ranks 11th in per capita consumption with 2.8 kilograms.

For Greeks, coffee is a daily habit either at home or outside. According to Focus Bari data, almost one-third of Greeks opt to enjoy their daily coffee outside their homes.
As for pricing, Greeks might pay more compared to others. A cappuccino in Greece costs an average of €3.45, while in Germany it’s €3.49, €1.68 in Italy, €3.39 in the Netherlands, €3.18 in France, and €1.92 in Spain, according to Numbeo statistics.

However, in Greece, the retail value of the coffee market is estimated at around €4 billion. Over €3.5 billion corresponds to on-site consumption in coffee shops, with approximately €300-350 million in sales in supermarkets.