Greek food won the second place in an online guide list –Taste Atlas 23/24 with one of the best cuisines in the world.

Italy and Japan both got the first place.

This was not the only distinction for Greece as several of its products, dishes and culinary destinations also scored high ranks in other lists of the Taste Atlas guide.

Seven traditional Greek dishes were amongst the best 100 dishes of the world.

The Ntakos took the 17th place. The traditional Cretan meze also called koukouvagia, is made out of soaked in water, dried bread with chopped tomatoes and crumbs of feta or mizithra over it. A drop of olive oil and some spices is also preferred.  Lamb chops won 26th place and Giouvetsi made out of kritharaki (pasta) and chicken, lamb or beef cooked in the oven in a clay pot –a güveç- stood in 64th place.

Gyros -meat cooked on a vertical grille, sliced and served wrapped in pita bread along other ingredients, took 69th place, while Kokoretsi, one more Anatolian origin dish for the heavy meat lovers stood in 79th place.

Surprisingly enough, one of Greece’s most famous dishes the souvlaki –  pieces of meat wrapped in pita bread with vegetables and tzatziki was placed 95th, while Kleftiko –slow roasted lamb with vegetables; another dish for the meat lovers was awarded 90th place.

Crete island was named the 4th best region in the world for food, while another five Greek cities included, Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania in Crete island and Messologhi – scored among the 100 best cities in the world for food.

Almost on the top of the list in the category of the tastiest pastry products was Milos Island in the Cyclades taking second place while another three Greek pastry products, two from Skopelos in the Sporades islands and one from Crete island, were included in the list.