Amidst escalating competition and opportunities multiplying, established players in the restaurant sector are gearing up to broaden their horizons. Whether by launching new concepts they believe have potential, or by branching out into new sectors closely related to their core business.

Beyond the positive trajectory of the Greek economy, tourism plays a catalytic role. It serves as the driving force behind several initiatives, especially in the center of Athens, which has experienced unprecedented tourist growth in recent years. Market factors estimate that the capital is steadily approaching 10 million foreign visitors per year, given the big bang happening in the hotel industry.

This revival of activity activates entrepreneurs who have the capital and access to the banking system to invest. Special emphasis is placed on emerging trends, which professionals strive to incorporate into their strategies and of course, into their menus.

An indicative case is the food chain ‘Grigoris’, which took over the responsibility for the reopening of the ‘Aegli’ located in the Zappeion gardens. The goal is to transform it into a landmark for both Greeks and foreigners visiting the capital. Information suggests that the radical renovation of the building may cost up to 5 million euros.
Apart from the spaces for coffee and events, the lease contract also includes the areas of the outdoor cinema, which has been designated as a historic listed monument. The iconic complex in the heart of the capital has remained closed since 2020.

Another company experimenting with new concepts is the ‘Veneti’ food chain, initially with the two high gastronomy restaurants it aims to create in the renewed ‘National Gallery’ and then, with the reopening of the legendary ‘Jackson Hall’, the ultimate hangout of the 90s and 00s for those who worship American hamburgers, in the heart of Kolonaki, which it seeks to transform into a modern bakery.

According to industry professionals, businesses in the restaurant sector are called upon to follow the modern consumer trends which are fast food that is also healthy.