Draft legislation unveiled by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food aims to tackles a series of problems related to  agricultural products and the food sector, such as streamlining control procedures, administrative measures and sanctions, particularly concerning products with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) and Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG) status.

This draft law seeks to address challenges hindering the effective monitoring of both national and EU regulations governing PDO/PGI/TSG products by clarifying the roles and responsibilities of regulatory bodies, as well as boosting the efficiency of inspections.

Moreover, the bill introduces obligations for individuals and businesses involved in the production, distribution, and packaging of agricultural products and PDO/PGI/TSG foodstuffs, aiming to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

In addition, the legislation comprehensively covers administrative compliance measures enforced by Greek Agricultural Organization (ELGO-DEMETER) in cases of irregularities or violations of national and EU laws regarding registered agricultural products or foodstuffs. It also outlines administrative fines imposed by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food for each infraction, serving as a deterrent against non-compliance.

Minister of Rural Development and Food Lefteris Avgenakis said that “by promoting the new institutional framework in Parliament, we strengthen the control system for the protection of Greek producers, as well as consumers.”