Another setback for Edi Rama, this time from Albania’s Constitutional Court, emerged during the EU-Western Balkans Summit in Brussels. The Court decided to temporarily halt parliamentary proceedings regarding the approval of the agreement with Italy on migration.

According to the Italian Newspaper La Stampa, Albania’s Constitutional Court will review two appeals claiming that the agreement with Italy violates Albania’s Constitution and international treaties the country has ratified.

Despite European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s statements expressing a desire to open accession talks for the first chapter on fundamental principles with Albania and North Macedonia, the issue of Fredi Beleri remains pending. Albania’s recent rejection to allow Beleri to be sworn in, continues to raise questions.

During the EU-Western Balkans Summit, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reaffirmed Athens’ firm stance. He reiterated that Beleri’s assumption of duties and his right to a fair trial are not bilateral matters but a matter of respect for the rule of law, a cornerstone of the accession process. Greece remains committed to resolving this issue, emphasizing its historical role in shaping the Western Balkans’ accession prospects.

The joint statement of the Summit emphasizes the necessity of fostering good neighborly relations, including with EU member states, underscoring the partner countries’ commitment to regional cooperation without exclusions. Additionally, it highlights the ongoing efforts concerning the rights of minority groups.

Regarding Albania’s accession progress and amidst the unresolved Beleri case, the President of the European Council offered general remarks, advocating progress toward enlargement. Hope was expressed for the resolution of challenging points obstructing this path.