Results of one of the first opinion polls released after this month’s European Parliament shows conservative and ruling New Democracy (ND) party taking 29.1% of respondents’ preferences, with its nearest rival being leftist main opposition SYRZIA, at 13.7%

The poll was conducted by the GPO firm and presented on the prime-time newscast of Star Channel on Thursday evening.

Still in third-place is socialist PASOK, with 12.4%, followed by the Communist Party (KKE) at 8% – the same figure given to the right-of-center and Eurosceptic Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) party.

Another four lesser parties, three of which are represented in the current Parliament, are shown at above 3%, with the Voice of Reason (Foni Logikis) debuting above the threshold in the specific firm’s polls at 3.3%

The rightist party, termed ultra-conservative by detractors, is a proponent of what its founder, recently elected MEP Aphrodite Latinopoulou, calls “traditional values”.

Meanwhile, respondents were also asked about internal developments in PASOK after its recent lackluster showing in the EP election, with 66.4% favoring a grassroots vote for the party’s president; 24.1% were against.

Incumbent PASOK president Nikos Androulakis is nevertheless the favorite for the post, if he signs off on an election, as he’s picked by 20.7% of respondents. His figure rises to 34.5% of respondents who said they are also PASOK voters. Athens Mayor Haris Doukas is second with 16.5%, but third when it comes to PASOK voters, 17.7%. Former minister and current MP Pavlos Yeroulanos edges the Athens mayor, picking up 17.7% of respondents who say they are PASOK voters.