Just before the vote on the amendment regarding immigrants, government spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis conveyed that expulsions would occur if party discipline is not maintained.

“The positioning of Antonis Samaras regarding the contentious amendment is not a problem for the government because it is important to explain to citizens the purpose and necessity of a choice,” emphasized government representative Paulos Marinakis speaking on the “Today” show on SKAI.
“It is not a regulation that will be permanent and concerns only 30,000 people.”

Simultaneously, he made it clear that any MP of the New Democracy party who does not vote for it will be expelled.
“The important thing is the vote on the amendment,” he later noted, clarifying that the law “grants residency for work, does not imply the right to stay, and concerns only 30,000 people.”
He also stated that it is not a regulation that will be permanent: “As long as the work permit exists, so does the residency permit,” he explained.

It’s worth noting that yesterday, Monday, when the government representative announced party discipline in the nominal vote for the amendment concerning immigration, he added that the former Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, is exempt.
“The only MP of New Democracy who is a former Prime Minister is Antonis Samaras,” he said characteristically, adding, “For all the others, party discipline in legislation and amendments is obvious and will apply in this vote.”

Regarding Samaras Responding to those who argue that the amendment “allows undocumented immigrants and is a matter of public order,” Mr. Marinakis expressed his astonishment: “What is safer for the country, to have people undocumented for 7 years or to know who they are and where they work?”
“The country’s immigration policy has been judged – flows have decreased by 85%.”

Regarding why Mr. Samaras is reacting, he replied that he cannot interpret a former president and prime minister.