At the risk of sounding grim, happy endings are few and far between for patients in need of an organ in the country. In fact, Greece has been a contender for last place in the organ donation race for decades. To put the situation in numbers, while the average organ donation rate in Europe in 2022 was 46.7 per million population (PMP), in Greece it was 6.6 PMP. Similarly, while only 45 organs were donated in Greece in 2018, 344 were donated in both Belgium and Portugal (countries with a similar-sized population).

The plan includes a series of measures and traffic regulations to ensure the protest does not hinder everyday citizens from going about their daily business while ensuring the right of the protesters to express their grievances.

The vessel was sailing from Argentina to Aden with grain with 23 crew members onboard including 5 Greek nationals, sources from the Greek Ministry of Shipping reported, all of whom are reported to be in good health.

High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell stated: “With the launch of EUNAVFOR ASPIDES, the European Union is responding swiftly to the necessity to restore maritime security and freedom of navigation in a highly strategic maritime corridor. The operation will play a key role in safeguarding commercial and security interests, for the sake of the EU and the wider international community.”

“The world today is completely different than it was in 2019. We’ve been through a lot together over the past five years, and I think you could say we’ve accomplished more than we could ever imagine,” the EC President stated.