India, renowned as the world’s fastest-growing economy, welcomes a high-profile delegation from Greece, headed by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The group comprises 70 representatives from Greek businesses and market entities, embarking on a strategic mission aimed at fostering bilateral collaborations and identifying lucrative investment prospects.

Led by Dimitris Politis, CEO of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF), the Greek delegation is set to engage in 500 business-to-business meetings across key Indian cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Their objective: to forge partnerships with Indian entrepreneurs and promising investment opportunities.

Of notable significance within the Greek delegation are 12 assets from the Greek government, curated for potential investment. These assets span various sectors including ports, businesses, and tourism properties, presenting a gateway for Indian investors seeking entry into the European market.

Among the highlighted assets are three strategically positioned ports, poised to serve as pivotal hubs for commerce and tourism. The Port of Lavrio, positioned southeast of Attica, stands primed for tourism exploitation, boasting a marina with 180 berths and ample room for expansion. Meanwhile, the ports of Alexandroupolis and Patras offer strategic advantages, serving as crucial nodes for transportation and trade.

In addition to port assets, the HRADF is keen to attract Indian investors to other promising ventures, such as the Marina of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki and a proposed business park in the municipality of Fili in the Athens area.

Furthermore, plans are underway for the development of a modern national-scale logistics center at the former Gonos military camp in Thessaloniki, aiming to bolster connectivity between the Port of Thessaloniki and Eastern Europe.

Notably, Indian investors will have the opportunity to participate in tenders for the utilization of six tourist properties across Greece, encompassing scenic locales in Halkidiki, ski facilities in Vasilitsa, and thermal springs in Phthiotis, Thessaly, among others.

As the delegation embarks on this crucial investment mission, both Greece and India will deepen economic ties through collaborative ventures and strategic partnerships.