Greece’s Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy Christos Stylianides says that Greek shipping is positioned to be a global protagonist in the green transition of the sector, and outlines three key areas where its shipping sector can influence policies and standards.

The Minister revealed to reporters that he has been promoting Greece as the bridge between the European Union and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

From his experience, the power of Greece as a major maritime power makes it perfectly positioned for this role, which is a crucial role, in his view, because the IMO establishes the framework that guides the global shipping industry.

His second major focus is to promote a balance between greening the shipping industry and making sure that it stays competitive.

The Minister is not alone in his concerns that the European Union’s regulations on the green transition are negatively impacting the block’s competitiveness, particularly when considering the additional economic pressure created by geopolitical instability, such as the conflicts in the Red Sea and Ukraine.

And connected to this second point is how Greece can better utilize European funding to support the green transition of the shipping sector.

He explained, “We have already started many efforts. We are in negotiation with Commissioners and with various Director Generals in the Commission. That’s why on my last trip to Brussels, I had many meetings with Commissioners on exactly how to use European funding to help our coastal shipping sector, which is struggling.”

He added that the green transition must be done in the right way, and in the case of coastal shipping, this should be done through upgrades.