The Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy has denied recent claims regarding joint Greek-Turkish patrols in the Aegean, asserting that these reports are not grounded in reality. In a press release, the ministry specifically underlined that both print and electronic media accounts alleging joint Greek-Turkish patrols lack any factual basis.

Moreover, the ministry’s official statement highlighted developments stemming from meetings between Christos Stylianidis, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Island Policy, and Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs, Ali Yerlikaya, in Ankara. The discussions led to an agreement aimed at bolstering cooperation between the two nations. Notably, it was decided that Greece and Turkey would join forces in combating illegal migration and the smuggling of migrants.

The announcement further detailed the assessment of various strategies to enhance collaboration, with a particular focus on improving communication between the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Turkish Coast Guard in practical terms. The ultimate goal is to render the response to these challenges more effective.

In conclusion, the ministry emphasized the commitment to a strengthened partnership and joint efforts in addressing shared concerns between Greece and Turkey.