Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reaffirmed his opposition to commencing EU accession negotiations for Ukraine during the Brussels Summit, stating once more that Hungary has no direct concerns related to Ukraine.

“The enlargement is not a theoretical issue,” Orbán asserted, emphasizing the need for conditions to be met. Regarding Ukraine’s financing, he aknowledged short-term coverage from the budget but stressed the necessity for long-term financial arrangements beyond it. Orban also expressed a favorable view towards Georgia, stating, “Georgia is fine. Everyone loves you.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted that this week’s European Summit in Brussels would be challenging but highlighted Kyiv’s fulfillment of all required criteria. Currently in Norway to meet leaders of Northern European countries, Zelensky reaffirmed that strengthening of his country’s air defense remains a priority.

Assessing Ukraine’s adherence to the Commission’s recommendations, the report, according to EUobserver, indicated compliance with only four out of seven suggested reforms. These encompassed legislative reforms in the judicial system, appointments of anti-corruption officials, and aligning Ukraine’s media industry with EU standards.

Moreover, the European Commission’s report suggested that more rigorous efforts could be made to tackle corruption in Ukraine, a concern shared by Hungary.