The deadline for registering on the postal vote platform expired at midnight on Orthodox Easter Monday, April 29, with over 200,000 voters from 128 countries signing up.

This platform, launched on Feb. 19, allows Greek citizens worldwide to vote from their location, without a physical presence at polling stations in Greece, a significant development for voter accessibility.

Out of the registered voters, 75.7% are residents of Greece, while 24.3% are Greeks living abroad.

In the upcoming June Europarliament elections, expatriates in countries without established polling stations from previous elections will have voting opportunities, including Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, Djibouti, and Barbados.

The Ministry of Interior will dispatch the electoral envelope via courier in May, with recipients notified via email and provided with a tracking link.

Receipt must be confirmed either by the voter or an authorized third party, with signature authentication via or a public authority.

The envelope will contain the return envelope for postal voting, the ballot paper which will be unified for all parties, an anonymous voting envelope, an instruction leaflet, the list of candidates, and a mandatory application – declaration form that must be completed.