Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis dubbed the legislation on same-sex couples as an important step towards equality for all citizens during his address to his cabinet in Athens, on Wednesday.

The PM said the draft bill, which has caused division among Greek society and his government, also addressed the protection of children of same-sex couples that already existed. He highlighted that the provisions of the bill apply in 36 countries across five continents.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated that the new regulation extended rights for some without affecting the majority, reiterating the issue was one of equality that did not lend itself to divisive challenges.

The PM pointed out that he fully respects the positions of the Church, which yesterday unanimously decided against same-sex marriage and child adoption for said couples, clarifying that it was a matter within the purview of the state and not theological beliefs.

In his intervention, Mitsotakis mentioned that the upcoming legislative regulation did not change existing laws regarding surrogacy in Greece.

“It is a regulation that, breaking from the usual course of events, we have extensively discussed with our MPs. It is a significant step in seeking equality for all citizens, as I defined it from the beginning.”

“Primarily, however, it [bill] aims to protect the children of same-sex parents who already exist. These children must have the same rights as all other children,” the PM highlighted.

Mitsotakis reminded his cabinet that the issue had already been addressed in 36 countries across five continents, “without any indication that it has harmed social cohesion and governmental harmony anywhere.”

“I am also pleased that throughout this period, this reform has been discussed rationally and without extremes within Greek society. It was discussed within party ranks, and I am very satisfied because our faction conquered this process of mature deliberation, instead of the leveling measure of party discipline,” he concluded.