The majority of Greeks expressed negative opinions regarding the marriage of same-sex couples, according to a poll conducted by Alco that aired on the Greek TV station Alpha.

According to the findings, 49% expressed disagreement with the marriage of same-sex couples. This figure rises to 58% among conservative New Democracy (ND) voters, with 35% being favorable across party lines, while this percentage fell to 28% among New Democracy voters.

The Greek government has introduced the topic for public discourse, with a debate in Parliament expected to commence on Wednesday. High-raking conservative MPs have also voiced their strong objections to the controversial bill, making it abundantly clear they would vote against it even if party discipline was implemented.

In other findings of the poll, over half of the participants expressed pessimism about the outlook for Greece in 2024. Specifically, 56% of respondents believe that 2024 will be either “worse” than, or “equally bad” with 2023, while 37% hold optimistic views, foreseeing a better or equally good year compared to 2023.

In response to questions about expectations for family finances, 60% anticipate that 2024 will be either worse or equally challenging as 2023.

A notable aspect of citizens’ sentiments is that 42% cite financial struggles as their primary concern, followed by 24% expressing worries about health issues. Additionally, 16% fear becoming victims of criminal activities, and 13% express concerns about the escalation of military conflicts.