The Greek Parliament will deliberate and vote on a bill introduced by the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, on Monday, July 1. The proposed legislation aims to address critical issues in natural disaster preparedness and response regarding private insurance.

On Friday, June 28, Triantopoulos, after the second reading of the bill, urged all parties to support it. He emphasized that the bill strengthens both the infrastructure and workforce of the General Secretariat for Climate Crisis and State Aid, as well as benefiting those affected by natural disasters.

Regarding private insurance and state aid for natural disasters, the deputy minister clarified that the goal is for them to work together harmoniously. He urged insurance companies to consider all economic and social factors, not just market terms.

Triantopoulos also informed the committee about ongoing procedures to establish a unified state aid hub. This hub will demonstrate service interoperability and allow citizens to track the status of their compensation claims using provided codes, as well as understand the necessary next steps.

Furthermore, he reiterated that this bill is part of a legislative trilogy aimed at completing the regulatory framework for support and recovery after natural disasters, adapting to the new challenges posed by the climate crisis.