The circumstances surrounding the tormented death of a husky in the south-central mountain resort of Arachova remain unclear, awaiting statement on the progress of an investigation by Greek Police, as reported by a local veterinarian’s assistant.

Even 23 days after the death of the dog, “Oliver”, both the conditions surrounding his demise and whether human involvement is a factor remain ambiguous.
According to Anthoula Anasoglou, a lawyer and spokesperson for animal welfare organizations, collected testimony points to an individual possibly involved in Oliver’s mistreatment.

“We are all eagerly awaiting what led them to commit such an act and torment an innocent soul,” the lawyer said, while speaking to MEGA.
“Everyone clearly says it was a human. We’ve said it from the beginning, and the veterinary report confirms it,” Anasoglou said.

At the same time, Nikos Giannetsos, an associate of the veterinarian who prepared the initial report, clarified on MEGA that the husky was cruelly mistreated, confirming human involvement.
“There is no chance anyone can convince us that something else occurred. A human did the job. From the outset until now, nothing has changed in this case. Regarding what happened and how it happened,” he stressed.

Veterinarian Kleoniki Tola stands by her initial report’s findings, which have been validated by a professor of veterinary medicine, as affirmed by her associate. He added that they have discovered “how and why” the husky was mistreated in Arachova.
“We have completed our work so well that even the best professor in the world couldn’t change anything. Medically, we are a hundred percent certain about what we said and did, and absolutely nothing has changed,” he stated.

Police, meanwhile, believe they have sufficient evidence, with the case file sent to the prosecutor’s office to proceed with the pre-trial investigation. However, as of now, based on the investigation, no person is identified as a prosecutor.