A dead horse tied to a post was found by a local in the town of Tyrnavos, in the municipality in the Larissa regional unit, of the Thessaly region, on Sunday morning December 17.

Specifically, the resident came across the animal lying dead in a park in the area bound with a chain to a column.

Preliminary findings suggest that this was a domesticated horse, as it bore horseshoes and showed signs of distress from the chain, indicating possible mistreatment throughout the night.

Local law enforcement promptly arrived at the scene, with the Tyrnavos Police Department patrol assessing the situation. Shortly thereafter, with the assistance of a loader, the horse was transported to a secure location, where a post-mortem examination is scheduled to take place today.

According to local media, residents reported seeing the horse at the location since the early hours of Sunday, while the owner, who filed a report with the local Police Department, allegedly stated that they had been searching for the horse throughout the entire night.

The incident has stirred concerns among the community, prompting authorities to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the horse and the alarming conditions in which it was found.

Incidents of animal cruelty in Greece have grabbed media attention recently in Greece after a husky called ‘Oliver’ from the village of Arachova, located in the Boeotia region, 175km northwest of Athens was killed. Although initial reports said the dog was tortured and killed it was suggested by police after further investigations that it has been killed by a pack of stray dogs.