Greece is lagging behind other EU member states when it comes to access to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), according to a report based on the data of 11 pharma unions in Europe.

The study, published by the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif), lists the variable access to ATMPs across Europe. Greece was last on the list of 11 countries in terms of access to 18 drugs, namely: Abecma, Alofisel, Breyanzi, Carvykti, Ebvallo, Hemgenix, Holoclar, Imlygic, Kymriah, Libmeldy, Luxturna, Roctavian, Spherox, Strimvelis, Tecartus, Upstaza, Yescarta, and Zolgensma.

At the top of the list, Germany offering access to 16 out of 18 drugs, followed by the United Kingdom granting full access to eight drugs and restricted to three, the Netherlands (eight drugs), Belgium (three and limited access to five), France (six and restricted access to one), Sweden (full access to three and limited to three ), Portugal (five), Denmark (full access to two and limited access to three), Italy and Spain restricted access to five drugs, and Greece with the lowest ATMP coverage offering full access to one drug and limited access to a second.