The Athens Mass Transit System (OASA) has issued a statement warning the public of an online scam that attempts to deceive people through social media, illegally using the organization’s name. The statement reveals the appearance of a fake Facebook page with OASA’s logo, encouraging unsuspecting citizens to apply for a 12-month ATH.ENA card for two euros.

OASA emphasizes that this Facebook page has no affiliation with the organization, marking it as an attempt to deceive the public and a scheme to steal personal information. The organization has taken steps to inform the relevant authorities.

Indications of a fake website include resemblances to legitimate bank websites, frequent use of pop-up windows requesting personalized security credentials (which legitimate banks do not use), and flawed design or spelling and grammar errors.

To protect themselves, individuals are advised not to open any attachments in such messages, avoid clicking on any suggested links, and promptly delete suspicious messages containing malicious content.

Every year, online scams cause losses of hundreds of millions of euros. Scammers attempt to deceive citizens through fake emails posing as banks, aiming to steal their passwords. These fraudsters often use the names of organizations and services, such as or banks, to trick their victims into believing they are logging into their authentic online accounts.