A liquor store located just south of Athens in the suburb of Kallithea was bombed overnight, according to reports at MEGA tv.

The explosion occurred at 3:05am and, in addition to completely destroying the store, caused damage to local apartments and a car parked outside of the shop.

The sheer force of the blast was so powerful that the car ended up in the middle of the road, say local residents.

The residents told the tv channel that they were woken up from the sound and some were even covered in glass as their apartment windows broke from the explosion, covering them and their apartments with debris.

The Greek police have confirmed that a deliberately placed explosive device caused the explosion and residents elaborated that the same liquor store, which is owned by a nightclub owner, was bomb 8-10 years ago.

“The exact same damage had happened in the past. All of the windows from my house and those of neighboring houses broke. There was a loud explosion, and the buildings shook,” reported locals to MEGA tv.

Police found a slow-burning fuse and detonator at the scene and have not ruled out the possibility that it may have been a “hit” in the context of a war between the Greek mafia, where the battle over the control of adulterated alcoholic drinks is intensifying, according to reports at to Vima.