Approximately 35 schools in the Attica region received notice of a bomb threat this morning and many were immediately evacuated, according to reports at TO VIMA.

TO VIMA says that the threats were sent by email and that they are a hoax. The threats were mostly directed at primary schools and several buildings have been evacuated out an abundance of caution, including in areas of Gerakas, Aigaleo, Peristeri, Ilioupoli and Haidari.

The Greek police were immediately mobilized and searched the premises of different schools.

The Emails

One of the emails received by a school reportedly read, “We will blow you up like our brothers did in Paris”, and claims to have been inspired by terrorists such as Belgian-born Islamic terrorist Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

The letter also read that the group plans on invading the offices of every important media organization in the country to cut their throats for promoting lies.

It concludes by proclaiming that there will be a Caliphate throughout the world, from Dagestan to Bombay, says the report at TO VIMA.

Recall that equally menacing emails were received by the public school system of Cyprus on May 17.

Statement by Greek Police

Commenting on the bomb threat received this morning by many public schools in Athens, the Greek Police released the following statement:

“This morning a large number of schools received an identical email with threatening content.

The message appears to come from a foreign country, while the mass distribution of the message, even to school units which are currently not functioning, (due to the traffic regulations and the measures of the Greek Police for the final [of the UEFA Conference League]) demonstrates that the purpose of the message is to create disturbance and shake citizens’ sense of security.

In any case, there was an immediate mobilization of the Greek Police to carry out the relevant control, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the school units, while the Cyber Crime Division [of the Greek Police] is already conducting an investigation to identify the sender.”

Authorities on High Alert

The news comes as Greek authorities and Athens in particular are already on high alert ahead of tonight’s UEFA Europa Conference League between Greece’s Olympiacos and Italy’s Fiorentina, to be held in the capital.

Strict security measures and traffic regulations are in force, and the Greek authorities are on the watch for possible terrorist threats.  Additionally, the Greek authorities are collaborating closely with their Italian counterparts over possible game-related violence connected to the arrival of 500-600 Italian hooligans in the capital.