A heatwave plaguing Greece over the past week is gradually subsiding, but authorities remain on high alert, as conditions still favor the potential outbreak and spread of blazes due to increased wildfire risks.

According to the fire risk prediction map issued by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, there is a very high fire risk, category 4, for the prefectures of Attica (the greater Athens-Piraeus area), Viotia (Boeotia), Argolida as well as parts of Phocida, Fthiotida, Magnesia, Corinth and Crete.

Civil protection authorities alerted relevant state agencies, as well as the regions and municipalities in these areas, to maintain heightened readiness to swiftly address any wildfire incidents.

Citizens are urged to be especially careful and to avoid activities that could inadvertently start a fire. This includes burning dry grass and branches, using machinery that generates sparks like circular saws and welding devices, operating outdoor grills, smoking out bees, and discarding lit cigarettes.

Additionally, it is reminded that burning fields is prohibited during the fire season.
If a fire is spotted, citizens should immediately contact the Fire Service by calling 199.

For more information and self-protection guidelines against forest fire risks, visit the General Secretariat for Civil Protection’s website at civilprotection.gov.gr.