Noted Greek comedienne Katerina Vrana will host two English-language stand-up shows at the ARCH live stage in Athens, one today, Wednesday, and one on Dec. 29.

Entitled, “Best Of” in English, Vrana will be performing parts from her successful repertoire of shows including “Feta with the Queen”, “About Sex” and “Staying Alive” (I nearly diedyou know) as well as new, unseen material.

Having been disabled after falling gravely ill on tour in Malaysia in 2017, she is very open about discussing the issues that come with it and how society deals with such people. She comments in a recent interview for To Vima that “When I hear other referring to us as “people with special abilities” or “people with special skills,” it annoys me a lot because not only is it incorrect, it’s ridiculous and stems from a sense of pity.”

For more info regarding the upcoming shows, visit Vrana’s official website