Michalis Pikramenos, the former Vice President of the Supreme Court, has been appointed as the new President of the Council of State by the ministerial council. He will remain at the helm of the administrative justice pyramid for the next three years.

Pikramenos was appointed to the position of president after a proposal by Justice Minister Georgios Floridis to the ministerial council, amid a pivotal moment for the institution. This move signals a new chapter for the Council of State following the passage of legislation designed to modernize and accelerate case resolution, benefiting citizens.

Pikramenos, who has served on the Council of State since 1989 and as Vice President for the past six years in its Second Division, also holds the position of Professor of Public Law at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

He is recognized for his extensive academic contributions and public advocacy on various legal issues, including judicial accountability, reforms, and the role of law in economic development and individual rights protection.

In his statement upon being selected, Pikramenos expressed gratitude for the appointment and pledged to collaborate with his colleagues to reinforce judicial independence and accountability. He also emphasized his commitment to improving the efficiency of justice administration for the benefit of citizens, society, and democracy throughout his tenure until 2027.