The appeal trial for the 2018 Mati fire, which led to the deaths of 102 people and the injury of dozens as well as the devastation of forest land in Eastern Attica, has been deferred to July 16 one day after it started in a misdemeanors appeals court of Athens.

Τhe trial was pushed back to allow defense attorneys appointed by the court for defendant Ioannis Fostieris, who was the head of the Unified Fire Department Operations Coordination Center, to familiarize themselves with the case.

It should be noted that initially the Mati trial was ‘expedited’ to ensure a verdict as soon as possible. The aim was to meet the July 2026 statute of limitations deadline.

Although the presiding judge confirmed that court sessions would continue in July and August, lawyers said that was not possible. Greek courts do not adjourn in August.

The Mati trial opened on Monday with 21 defendants and testimonies by witnesses and relatives of victims of one of the deadliest fires in Greek history.