As the launch of color-coded electricity bills approaches on January 1st, 2024, providers are unveiling their strategies, causing confusion among consumers. These bills are categorized as ‘yellow’ (variable), ‘green’ (special tariffs), and ‘blue’ (fixed for 12 months).

The ‘blue’ bill offers stability with a fixed price for a year, shielding consumers from monthly price fluctuations. Providers engaging in a ‘price war’ aim to attract those seeking stable charges, diverging from the anticipated variations in ‘yellow’ and ‘green’ bills. However, the ‘blue’ bill’s downside lies in potentially missing out on cheaper variable prices, locking consumers into higher rates.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the “blue” electricity bills by provider:

The Public Power Corporation (PPC) has announced two products: “My Home Enter” with a fixed fee of €5 and charges at €0.179/kWh during the day and €0.169/kWh at night (nighttime tariff hours). The second product, “My Home On-Line”, has a fixed fee of €3.5 and charges at €0.175/kWh during the day and €0.166/kWh at night (nighttime tariff hours).

HERON has introduced the FIX Home program, offering a charge of €0.165/kWh and a fixed fee of €7.5 for 12 months from the contract’s signing.

Elpedison has announced the Elpedison Bright program, providing a fixed rate of €0.169/kWh and a fixed fee of €3 for the entire year of 2024.

Protergia offers the Household Value Safe for customers seeking a fixed charge for 12 months. The charge stands at €0.165/kWh with a fixed fee of €3.

Elinoil has introduced two 12-month fixed charge products: Power On! Blue Day, with a monthly fixed fee of €5 and a price of €0.149/kWh; and Power On! Blue Day & Night, charging €0.139/kWh for nighttime usage and €0.149/kWh during the day. Additionally, until January 15, 2024, Elino is offering the first three months’ fixed fees as a gift during the holiday period. Consumers are cautioned that switching before 12 months will result in penalties.

The competition among providers intends to simplify choices amidst the complexity caused by color-coding and intricate pricing formulas. Consumers must weigh the security of fixed rates against potential savings in the dynamic electricity market before committing to a ‘blue’ bill package.