In efforts to improve road safety and align with the EU’s digital transition, lawmakers on Wednesday endorsed updates to driving licence rules.

Aimed at addressing the alarming toll of over 20,000 lives lost annually on EU roads, the proposed changes include a self-assessment option during the licence issuance or renewal process. EU governments will decide whether to also include medical tests.

Additionally, the new regulations also foresee digital driving licences for smartphones and a minimum two-year probationary period for new drivers which will include restrictions such as stricter alcohol limits and penalties for unsafe driving.

MEPs also stressed the need to test drivers on real life conditions such as driving in adverse weather, safe phone usage, awareness of blind spots, and familiarity with driver-assistance systems, among others.

Lawmakers also proposed a minimum validity period of 15 years for motorcycle and car licenses, and a five-year period for trucks and buses.

“Today the European Parliament had an opportunity to improve road safety in Europe and get closer to the goal of zero road deaths by 2050,” said European Parliament Rapporteur Karima Delli.