Following the death this week of one passenger on board a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore which was forced to an emergency landing in Bangkok due to severe turbulence, the Daily Mail published a list of the most turbulent flight routes in the world.

The interior of Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 after an emergency landing in Bangkok, Thailand on May 21, 2024. REUTERS/Stringer

According to turbulence forecast website Turbli, three of the bumpiest routes in the world based on used ‘eddy dissipation rates’ (turbulence intensity) are in Europe according to the assessment of 150,000 routes in 2023 namely the routes between Milan and Geneva, Milan and Zurich over the Alps and Almaty.

Based on Turbli 2023 data, the 10 most turbulent flight routes in the world are Santiago – Santa Cruz, Almaty – Bishkek, Lanzhou – Chengdu, Centrair – Sendai, Milan – Geneva, Lanzhou – Xianyang, Osaka – Sendai, Xianyang – Chengdu, Xianyang – Chongqing, and Milan – Zurich.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Stringer

The 10 most turbulent flight paths in Europe are: Milan – Geneva, Milan – Zurich, Geneva – Zurich, Marseille – Zurich, Zgornji Brnik – Zurich, Nice – Basel, Nice – Zurich, Yerevan – Tbilisi, Basel – Venezia, Frankfurt am Main – Caselle Torinese.

The world’s most turbulent flight route is between Santiago, Chile and Santa Cruz, Bolivia.