Pizza is without doubt one of the most favorite foods in the world. The crusty or fluffy – depending on one’s tastes – flat oven-cooked bread sprinkled with delicious toppings of meat, gouda, and all other goodies, is a dish synonymous with gatherings of friends and families.

But the Italian staple might be turning into a luxury item for some Europeans, according to Eurostat figures in 2023. Although Greeks love it as an easy dining option, enjoying it now requires delving deep into one’s pocket.

According to Eurostat data, in 2023, a European spent more money buying pizza or takeaway than one or two years earlier.

Specifically, the average price for purchasing pizza in December increased by 5.9% compared to December 2022. However, this is a much smaller increase than the 15.9% recorded from December 2022 to December 2021.

In Greece, there was a 3.9% increase in the price of pizza in December 2023 compared to the previous year on an annualized basis.

This also marks a significant slowdown, as, for example, compared to December 2021, there was a 15.2% increase in prices when comparing December 2022.

The highest annual inflation in pizza and takeaway was recorded in Hungary (13.4%), Luxembourg (11.3%), and Latvia (10.6%).