Police investigators from Athens have requested the exhumation of a husky involved in an animal cruelty case revealed earlier this week, an incident that shocked public opinion in Greece.

The dog, known as “Oliver,” was found severely beaten and possibly sexually assaulted with some type of sharp object, according to an initial report by a local veterinarian who treated the unfortunate animal.

The incident occurred in the south-central mainland town of Arachova, which is one of the east Mediterranean country’s pre-eminent mountain resorts and winter destinations.

The case achieved such notoriety that the head of the Greek high court’s prosecutor’s office ordered authorities to treat the case with the highest priority.

According to the Athens daily “Ta Nea,” members of a homicide unit in Athens actually travelled to the alpine town to collect evidence, CCTV footage and testimony.

Additionally, the dog’s owner was recalled to the local police precinct for supplementary testimony, according to the Mega Channel current affairs program “Live News.”

In a brief appearance on the program, the man said he’s provided all the information he has in his possession and will make every effort to find the perpetrator behind the assault on his pet.

Mega revealed the development regarding the dog’s exhumation. The carcass will be transported to a special lab at the University of Athens for a detailed autopsy.

Examinations by public vets earlier this week reportedly failed to turn up the exact cause of death or how it was injured. One finding in their report, however, cited a bite mark on Oliver’s ear, most probably caused by another dog. However, no other anatomical signs of abuse, at least externally, were cited.

Samples will also be taken for DNA testing, to identify other animals or humans that came into contact with the husky.